When we toured Libby Lane for the first time, we could see that it was an elite facility in Lee’s Summit. It was bright, clean, and organized and the children we saw were happy and engaged in learning. We also liked that the children were not confined to a small classroom all day but had a large open area filled with activities and an outdoor space to burn off some energy. What we didn’t know at that time was how much of a community we would gain through sending our son here. Every single staff member – not just his teachers – shows an affection for him as if he was their own. They know his personality, his strengths and weaknesses, and how to encourage his growth and development in a loving and gentle way. Communication is regular and provides us with detailed information about what he learns. We love seeing photographs of him and the interesting projects he creates. His friends and their parents are kind and inclusive. My son is thriving, and we are so grateful to have found Libby Lane.


Our daughter has been at Libby Lane for a little over a year and recently began her 2nd year of pre-K. As a parent there is a heavy weight on your shoulders when it comes to making decisions about your child. Education is no exception. Is this the right school for my child? Will my child flourish here? Is this the best place for her to get kindergarten ready? Will the teachers love and care for her and her well being as if I was teaching the class myself? Well I can tell you with certainty that the answer has been “yes” to all those questions since our first official day at Libby Lane. The entire staff has been so hands on and engaged and the curriculum is top notch. I have seen my daughter grow and flourish so much over the past year. The lesson plans not only align with educational goals but the teachers ensure each student has the confidence to know their worth and wisdom. Sure there are days I have that sting of guilt that I want to be home with her but when I walk into Libby Lane every morning I know she is exactly where she needs to be. I am very thankful our path in care has lead us to this school and forever grateful for the positive impact it has had on our daughter’s life.


Libby Lane was the best decision we have made for our family. As a first time parent, the anxiety of placing our child was overwhelming. After touring the facility our fears were put at ease. It's been two years, and another child, since that beginning and we have no regrets. I have had strangers compliment me on the language and social development of my children, and as much as I would love to take credit for that, I know much of it is due to the dedication and love that Libby Lane pours out on its children. I truly believe that every person that works for Libby Lane is there because they have a passion to provide a safe, loving place for young children to develop.


My girls have been going to Libby Lane for a couple of years now. This was the best decision I've ever made. I love the teachers and staff, they make it feel like family. They all have come to love my girls as their own. My 5 year old is getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall and I know she is ready and prepared because of this place. They take pride in teaching our little knows and getting them ready for school. They are always looking for news was to teach the kids and make it a fun learning experience. And the communication they have between parents and teachers is great. I look forward to when my other girls are of age so that they can join in the fun at Libby Lane.


Enrolling Coleton at your school was the best decision possible! Your teachers and staff have been very supportive and they do a great job keeping the kids engaged and excited about learning. Coleton loves your school and was happy to go every day. A great change from past experiences. I know he is far more prepared for Kindergarten after spending this time in your program. Thank You!


Libby Lane has been nothing but absolutely amazing for us and Avery. There are truly not enough good, kind words to describe your school and all of it's wonderfullness. I can not thank you, and all of the staff at the school enough for everything (your kindness, patience with me and my anxiety sending my baby to school for the first time, the fun, smiles, pictures, memories, open house, and all of the activities). I have not been able to find any school that remotely even touches that amazingness that you have at your school, between being clean, fun, the great staff, and lots of activities. If there was a Libby Lane in Blue Springs we would absolutely be the first one to sign up, and strongly wish and think there should be one! We will miss everyone there and will keep up with your happenings on Facebook, and hope to visit at sometime.


As a stay at home mommy, I was excited yet a little reluctant to send my kids to preschool/daycare...UNTIL; they actually started attending Libby Lane Preschool & Montessori!  I KNOW that my kids are not only being nurtured and developed intellectually, but they are being encouraged, cheered for, and loved through the staff and the environment of Libby Lane Preschool & Montessori.  They have dramatically expanded as little human beings in their learning and social skills. What a relief and satisfaction I feel as a parent, knowing that my children are getting the BEST on every level.


My 3 year old, Kenny, loved puzzles. Then one day, at his last school, he asked to do a puzzle and the teacher told him no because he wasn’t good at puzzles and didn’t know how to do them. He went months without doing puzzles. He started a new school, Libby Lane Preschool & Montessori, and one day after school, he was telling me that they were learning about skeletons.  To go along with their unit, the teacher had brought in a life-size skeleton puzzle. He told me that Miss Kim sat with him and helped him put it together and then he got to do it again by himself. He was so excited and proud. That Friday, he brought his own puzzle for show and tell!
 I am so grateful to be able to put my son in a place where teachers take the time to encourage and lift kids up. I know that he is in a safe place where positive words are spoken over him.

Lynn, 1st Grade Teacher

Our 3-year-old daughter has now been attending the new Libby Lane Preschool & Montessori she has absolutely excelled in almost every area! She has been doing addition and subtraction accurately, counting, naming foods, colors and numbers in both English and Spanish and can't stop talking about how fun it is! Their effort can clearly be seen and heard every day. Consider Libby Lane for your children's educational development.


We are SO THRILLED with Lyric attending Libby Lane.  She has been in daycare since she was 9 month’s old. For the majority of that she has been at a really great daycare in Lee’s Summit that we were genuinely happy with.  When we made the decision to enroll her in Libby Lane Preschool & Montessori it was a major stretch for us, but we wanted the challenge that it would offer her.  Little did we know what the true reward would be.

The thing that filled my heart full of joy was when she told me about her interaction with her teachers.  She talks about how they play with her, how they get down on her level and engage her.  Whenever she speaks of them she always has a huge grin on her face. I can see in her eyes she is getting something that she has never gotten at any other place she has been.  The other places took care of her physical needs and tried to keep her occupied, but at Libby Lane she is truly being nurtured all the way to her spirit.   She is being LOVED!

It means more than you know that when I leave her at 6:30 in the morning for 10 long hours, she is with people who genuinely love her and are caring for her as though she is their own child.  For a Mom whose heart aches each morning when I have to drop her off, it is a sweet feeling of peace that I have now, knowing that she is surrounded by people who love her.